About us

About Us

Success Moves Sales was started in 2000 by Alex McMillan, the founder working as a freelance sales trainer, author and consultant.  Success led to his expanding the customer and product base by offering sales recruitment services to his clients.  We opened an office and built a team of sales and recruitment professionals, whilst continuing to offer sales training.  The core product was the Interview Process Day, where a team could be filtered, motivated and inspired all on the same day.

Growth led to more supportive services being offered, all under the niche of helping Micro and Small Businesses, ambitious for growth, increase sales and acquire more customers.

The growing Internet accelerated by ‘Lockdown’ means Success Moves now operates entirely with an elite team of remote specialists.  Effectively we are a one stop shop for any small growth business wanting to increase sales and let us do it all.  Customers can avoid jargon, save time and money, by not having to learn the latest Sales and Marketing techniques. We have always had the philosophy that a customer must always have a ROI on their investment growth by using us. This has produced some of the most generous guarantees of results available.

I see so many great entrepreneurs with great ideas struggle with how to win business. It is my passion to answer this call and help enable their success and for us all to benefit by what they produce.

If I and my team can help your business grow, feel free to call me and discuss your situation and goals.

Alex McMillan


+44 (0) 7525-916574

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